New student printers

Welcome back! During August the printers on campus have been replaced with shiny new Ricoh printers.

Locations of the new printers

Library level 2: 2 machines (these printers print 55 pages per minute – super speedy)
Library level 3: 2 machines
Library level 4: 2 machines
Library level 2 Short Loan: 1 machine
Library Study Zone: 2 machines

Pathfoot G1: 2 machines

Cottrell 2A18: 3 machines
(Cottrell 1A11A – 3 machines set up for dissertation printing)

And a new addition to this fleet of printers is that for the first time we will have student print available in some of the residences;

There is a printer in Beech court and coming soon we will have a printer in Andrew Stuart Hall and John Forty’s Court.

How to print from a lab computer on the new printers – To find out how to print from a lab computer to the new student printers have a look at this FAQ

How to print from your own laptop to the student print system – returning students may want to delete the old print queues from their laptop before adding the new queues.  Then all returning and new students will need to add the new student print queues to their own laptop.  Please see our FAQ

Adding the student printer queue to your Mac – It is possible to add the student print system to your Mac. Please see our FAQ