You left some love for the Library

Dear reader,

Thanks for everyone who left us a love letter, or even a break up letter. (Phew thankfully we didn’t get many of the latter)

It was nice to see how quickly the Post box filled up with your letters.

This year’s main success seems to have been the blankets.  Which were the subject matter of a lot of the letters. Lots of you really appreciated the kind sentiments behind why we got the blankets.

We also were happy to see that our staff have made an impact and that you don’t want us to change.  We have even had one student who credits us with their newfound love of words and language.  (How lovely is that )

We also received our first marriage proposal, we were wondering if this person has been watching Married at first sight.

Someone also composed a poem for us which they managed to incorporate Princess Diana and land mines.

We also got a selection of letters just saying how great we are which is always nice to hear.

We had some letters about us not having certain books, did you know that even if we don’t have the books in library stock you can use the Document Delivery Service.  If you don’t know how this works just pop in to the Lending desk in the library and ask.  We may even able to order the books to be added to Library stock.

One student is cheating on us………. With google.  Yes Google is amazing (who doesn’t love Google) but we do have other services that we pay for that are aimed specific subjects.

Printers in Pathfoot or we divorce!! – Steady on that’s a bit extreme. There are already 2 student printers in Pathfoot.  They are in the G corridor in room 1.  If you can’t find them just ask for directions at the reception desk.

24 hour opening, don’t worry this is coming soon.  We will be opening 24/7 just before the exam period.  Keep an eye on our social media and the student bulletin for exact dates.  During semester the Library is open until 2am and opens at 8am Monday to Friday and 10am on weekends.


The Library