6 Things to do before Graduation

With Winter Graduation fast approaching we’ve written a handy IT/Library checklist to help make your transition from student to graduate an easy one.

  1. Move your data (files/photos etc.) from your University Home Folder.
  2. Look out for an email from Box inviting your to convert to a personal Box account. The limit is 10GB so you should make sure your Box account is less then 10GB before graduation.
  3. Find out how to access your student email account after graduation.  PGRs can now opt-in to access email for 12 months (see our blog post, Extended email access for Research students after graduation, for more information). The direct link to access your email after graduation is: http://office365.stir.ac.uk.
  4. Return library books and pay fines.
  5. Sell on any outstanding print/copy credit.
  6. Refworks user? Set up your Refworks account to be accessible after you graduate.

If you have any questions about your IT/Library account after graduation please contact the Information Centre by email on information.centre@stir.ac.uk, in person on level 2, the Library or by phone on 01786 467250.