Bristol Online Survey system not available Mon 9/Tues 10th Feb

Bristol Online Surveys have redesigned and rebuilt their system and are in the process of migrating all existing accounts over to the new service. The upgrade includes new and enhanced features such as new question types, routing options dependent on user responses and greater flexibility in editing – full details are available at


The University of Stirling’s account is due to be migrated to the new system on 9 and 10 February. All surveys and responses in the system at the time of the migration will be copied over to the new version so no data will be lost (although surveys created by users no longer at the University will not be migrated).


This change has two immediate consequences for you as a user– firstly, BOS will be unavailable on the two days of the migration (both to respondents and account holders) so you will have to bear this in mind when creating and running surveys in the next couple of weeks, and, secondly, once the migration is complete you will receive an email from Bristol Online Surveys asking you to activate your account on the new system. Once you have done this you will regain access to your surveys as normal.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.


Information Centre

Stirling University Library

01786 467250