Network disruption in NE part of Stirling Campus, Mon 8th Sept, 07:30-10-00

In order to ensure network stability and performance, Information Services staff need to carry out software upgrades on network equipment in Willow Court. This work will be disruptive to normal network services. Since several nearby buildings also connect to the network via Willow Court, this will result in a temporary loss of network services in the following locations:


  • Geddes Court
  • HH Donnelly House
  • Muirhead House
  • Polwarth House
  • Willow Court
  • Beech Court
  • GRAHAM Construction Site Office


During the outage, users in the locations listed above will not have access to e-mail, the web, filestore, printing, IP telephones, etc.


While the network equipment in Willow Court is offline, the following locations will fail over to secondary network connections and may therefore experience reduced performance:


  • Airthrey Castle
  • Alexander Court
  • Gardens and Grounds
  • Nuffield Houses
  • Sports Pavilion


These locations should also be considered at greater risk of a loss of network connectivity, since they will be without network resilience until the work at Willow Court is completed.


We have been advised by Property Management that they are due to carry out electrical maintenance work in Willow Court on Monday 8th September which will affect the operation of the network equipment there. Therefore, it is our intention to schedule our maintenance work immediately prior to their work, so that users will only experience a single – albeit lengthy – network outage.


Users in the locations listed above should expect network disruption between 07:30 and 10:00 on Monday 8th September. Following completion of the work, users may need to reboot their devices to restore network connectivity.


Information Services