How to save your work safely on lab PCs – NEVER save a doc in email

There has been an increase in numbers of students losing their work on lab computers due to not saving their files correctly.  Please see the guidance below:


  • ALWAYS save your work to your home directory when using a lab computer. You will find this in ‘Computer’ as your ‘H:’ drive. On a Windows 7 lab PC click on ‘Computer’ on the desktop then select the ‘H’ drive which will have your username associated with it. Your home directory is backed up daily in order to ensure your files are safe. When saving a Word document, select ‘Save as’ then choose your H drive by clicking ‘Computer’ then your ‘H’ drive.
  • NEVER save your work on the desktop of a lab computer. Personal files on the desktop are deleted as soon as you log out.
  • ALWAYS ‘save as’ your work if you are opening it directly from your email. If you open a document directly from your email using a lab computer, and then just click ‘save’ instead of ‘save as’, it will be deleted as soon as you log out (due to it being saved only to temporary files).  

If you have any questions about saving your work, please contact us at the Information Centre.


Information Centre

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