New from StirGate – Research Starters

Research Starters are a new feature of StirGate. They are summaries of a topic and are constructed from credible and reliable sources including Encyclopedia Britannica and reference books from Salem Press. There are approximately 60,000 Research Starters in StirGate covering topics as diverse as autism, badminton, classroom management, diabetes, global warming, monetary policy, Voltaire and Scottish law. Over 400 Research Starters contain video clips, to see an example of an entry with a video clip, try a search for golden eagle.


It is possible to translate the Research Starters into other languages, and to have the content of the articles read to you. Data can also be exported to RefWorks.


To see whether there is a Research Starter on your topic simply enter your keyword into the StirGate search box. If there is a Research Starter it will appear at the top of the results list as shown below.


image of Stirgate search


If you have any questions about searching StirGate, or any other library resources, please ask at the Information Centre.





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