RefWorks Write-N-Cite 4 now available for Staff Pcs


Finally the new version of Write-N-Cite is now available for staff computers from Run Advertised Programmes. The Write-N-Cite Mini Guide with instructions on downloading and using WNC4 is now available.


Why use WNC 4?

Write-N-Cite is an add-in programme for Word which synchronises with your RefWorks database so that you can create in-text citations and automatically produce your bibliography. WNC4 has a number of advantages over earlier versions including:

  • WNC appears in a RefWorks tab in Word
  • Citations are automatically formatted in your text as you enter them e.g. (Smith 2010). The old WNC3 gave you a place holder e.g. {{Smith}} which had to be updated when you created your bibliography.
  • You can create your bibliography at any time and it will be continuously updated as you add more citations.
  • It is really easy to use footnote styles e.g. Chicago and OSCOLA with WNC4


A little bit of caution

As when using any new software, we recommend that you test how it works first e.g. try it out on a test document or copy of your document before you actually convert your thesis, journal article etc..

If you have almost completed writing up your thesis, you might wish to continue with WNC3 or your existing citation method rather than trying something new.

You can only use WNC3 or WNC4 but not both. Contact the Library if you have questions.


WNC 4 for Students

WNC 4 will be available in IT Labs and the Library next Semester. Currently students can use WNC 3 on university PCs or alternatively can download WNC 4 to their own device from RefWorks Tools. Note: it is not possible to use both WNC 3 and WNC 4 – you have to stick with one or the other.