CLOSING SOON – IS mobile device survey – WIN a Google Nexus 7 tablet



Information Services would like to hear about your usage of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This will assist in us catering our services towards the devices you use.

Please complete the 2 minute survey below and enter your student email address when prompted. You will then be entered into our prize draw to win a Google Nexus 7, a 7″ tablet that works with both Campusnet and student email!


To take part in the survey please click below:

4 thoughts to “CLOSING SOON – IS mobile device survey – WIN a Google Nexus 7 tablet”

  1. I tend to use my laptop when I come into uni because there is always a shortage f computers but when I don’t have it with me or I am just wanting to check information quickly I use the internet on my phone.
    An app for the portal would be really useful that could like to the blackboard app (which personally I don’t think is that great and col be improved)
    I also think that this would improve learning as you could listen to recorded lectures as you would a pod cast to and from campus.

    1. Hi Kimberley, thanks for your feedback. We are in the process of drawing up a mobile strategy for the university and you have hit upon one of the key factors that we’d like to address – responsive web design for the portal and the uni websites. Responsive web design means that there would be a mobile friendly version of our sites when you accessed them on a mobile device. This is possible for the main uni sites and is being worked on, and the portal is under review and hopefully will be rebuilt with a responsive design to make access on mobile devices better. We’re also working on developing mStir ( all the time to get as much functionality on it as possible. Did you know that you should be able to access Listen Again lecture recordings for your module on it? Thanks for your comments though, it’s good to know that we are heading in the direction that students want us to go 🙂

  2. Works great on my phone. However, when I tried to use it connection to my tablet device, which is a kindle fire it did not work. It would seem that the university network does not cater for such devices as it is VPN protected. This has hindered my usage of a tablet which would have greatly helped in my studying

    1. hi Joshua, Yes you’re right the Kindle will not work on our network as all our connections go via the VPN (CampusNet). Unfortunately not every device is VPN enabled and the Kindle is one of those. The vast majority of tablets however, will work. Our CampusNet setup is however being reviewed over the next year so we will take your feedback into account.

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