Staff printing information – PaperCut User Portal

 There is a facility within the PaperCut print management system that allows staff to login and look at various aspects of their print account. The most useful feature is the ability to look at the print jobs you currently have pending for release and the ability to cancel any jobs no longer required.

To login to the system simply click the following link: PaperCut Portal Login. Then login with your normal University username and password.


Once logged in you will be presented with a Summary page showing your total number of print jobs and total pages to date. You will also see some environmental impact examples of that printing activity (NOTE: The environmental impact is based on the manufacturing process of the paper).


Three useful links on the left hand side are;

Recent Print Jobs which provides some detail of your historical printing activity;

Jobs Pending Release which allows you to look at what you have printed and are still yet to release from an MFD. Any jobs listed in this screen are in chronological order with the most recent being at the top, but you can change the sorting by clicking on any of the column headings. Should you decide you do not want a particular print you can simply cancel it using the “cancel” button to the right of the job, and; “More Info” which is simply a link that will open the IS webpage for Staff Print which contains additional information regarding the Staff Print Environment.

When you are finished within the PaperCut Portal simply Log Out.