Possible Internet service downtime, Tuesday 18th December

In order to complete the implementation of the University’s higher-bandwidth JANET connection, there may be a short disruption to all Internet services, sometime between 07:30 and 08:30 on Tuesday 18th December. During this window, staff from Systems and Network Services and EaStMAN will reconfigure network routing to begin using our second JANET circuit.


Most users should not notice any disruption and many applications will recover automatically if connections to external servers are interrupted.


Systems and Network Services

2 thoughts to “Possible Internet service downtime, Tuesday 18th December”

  1. Ok, the downtime should have happened already. Now its 9:20 and I cannot access any other websites than University ones.
    I would like to know what is happening..

    1. Hi Austra,

      Are you still having issues with your internet? The task to upgrade the network was successful so you should have full internet restored. We did have a small problem yesterday morning with Campusnet for a few hours that may followed on from the internet upgrade downtime which could have caused your problems, rather than the initial upgrade/downtime.

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