New library entrance system switch on Mon 17 Dec – don’t forget your ID card!

The new library entrance system will be switched on Monday 17th December.  All staff and students will need to bring their ID card with them and present them to the readers on the new gates to gain entry and exit from the building.  If you are a student who received an email from the Library to ask you to pick up your ID card, you can still do this at the Library entrance.  Staff can obtain their staff ID card from HR if you don’t already have one.


We are making the system live at a quiet time of year to allow staff to get a feel for how the new system will work so that by the time the majority of students return in February, we will have any issues ironed out.


Visitors to the Library will still be able to enter but will need to speak to a member of staff on Reception to do so.



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4 thoughts to “New library entrance system switch on Mon 17 Dec – don’t forget your ID card!”

  1. I am a Visiting Professor in the School of Education. I have a Library card but no ID card (as I am not a paid employee). Will the new system require me to check in at Reception every time I use the Library?

    1. Dear Professor Humes, apologies for the delay in replying to your question. I believe you have already called into the library to exchange your old library card for a new style one? This will allow you to enter and exit the building as well as check books in and out.

  2. I am a PhD student with a library card. I live off campus and visit the library on an irregular basis. I have submitted my thesis and the library card is due to expire at the end of December. I would like to continue to have library access until my viva, date as yet unknown. Will my current library card be sufficient to allow me access? If not, what must I do? I still have a library book.

    1. hi Elizabeth, regardless of when your card expires, you will continue to be able to access the Library. We won’t be stopping anyone from coming in – if necessary we can issue you with a visitor card if your uni card stops working at the gates.

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