Extra study space during exam period

From early next week the following extra study facilities will be available at Stirling campus to students wishing to study for exams:


  • in the Cottrell 4W corridor – 24/7 study facilities (2 rooms)
  • in the Library: all Enterprise Zone rooms will be open and set up for study purposes.  There may be the occasional closure for events.
  • node chairnext door to the Library: the Social Study Zone is being revamped and renamed the Library 24/7 Study Zone.  The existing facilities are being extended to provide an extra 20 PCs and a large number of individual study spaces in a variety of styles incuding bean bags, node chairs (being introduced after a brief trial in the main library where the feedback was very positive – see image) and standard study desks.


In the main Library we ask that students observe the zoning rules, especially on Level 4 which is for silent study.


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