Academic Staff – please send your reading lists to the Library

New reading lists for Autumn 2012


Within the TalisList reading list service, references link to the book or journal details in the library catalogue, so students can immediately check availability, place holds, etc.  References to our electronic journal articles can link directly to the article.  Lists can include references to paper materials, as well as links to web sites and other electronic resources.  See our Sample Reading List.


As a result of the QEC meeting on 5 May 2011, there has been a change in our policy and procedure with respect to reading lists. To enable the Library to create more lists and enhance the student experience for a greater number of students we have implemented a limit of 100 items on any reading list created from July 2011.


Send us your reading list – we do the rest


All you need to do is attach your reading list as a Word document in an email to: Reading Lists ( The reading list should not exceed 100 items.


Include the following details:

  • Module (or programme) code
  • Title for the module
  • Course coordinator
  • Semester (or other dates) the course is running – please provide start dates.  If you do not provide start dates we will assume the start of the standard Autumn semester, 10 September 2012
  • Estimate of student numbers
  • Whether the course is a distance learning course
  • Please mark on the list whether you would like referenced texts made available in digital format – we will investigate the digitisation options/costs and get back to you with details


Please send your new list by 20 August 2012.  At the QEC meeting in May, the Chair encouraged academic staff to make reading lists available at an early date.

This is because we do a lot of checking in order to ensure the list is accurate, e.g., we check whether there are enough copies in stock, whether we have the required edition in stock, and order any new materials as this can take several weeks.  Reading lists arriving after this deadline will be dealt with on a best endeavours basis.  For any non-standard modules starting earlier or later in the semester please allow at least 4 weeks for the list to be created.




We’ve had very positive feedback from students about TalisList reading lists, and  reading lists are also an important source of information for the Library, helping us ensure that we hold key student texts and enhance the students’ learning experience. In the recent IS Satisfaction Survey over 80% of students were satisfied or very satisfied with the service. “Every module should use TalisList”


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