Advice for staff on preparing for the upgrade to Windows 7/Office 2010

Information Services is undertaking the upgrading of the vast majority of staff PCs to Windows 7 and Office 2010 over the vacation period.


We have prepared a number of guides to help staff prepare for the upgrade and also some FAQs on the obvious changes / new features in Windows 7 and Office 2010.


Check out our guides:

  • Online training materials including how to prepare for your Windows 7 upgrade, how to map a network drive in Win 7 and how to add a network printer
  • Windows 7 upgrade FAQs including items such as how to search google using ie9, how to use  local admin account under Win 7 and others


Information Services
August 2011

4 thoughts to “Advice for staff on preparing for the upgrade to Windows 7/Office 2010”

  1. How will I know when this is due to happen? 2 hours at certain times without access to office might be quite inconvenient, so will I be told individually when the changes will happen to my pc?

  2. Please can I have a list emailed to me (involving no clicking on links) telling me what I need to do. I have already clicked on 2 links and waited -without success- for a video to appear. I do not have time for this. I really don’t have time for this (as well as attending training sessions for succeed and for the new phone system etc)

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