Connected Histories – British history sources 1500 – 1900

Connected Histories is a brand new resource which searches a range of digital resources relating to British history in the period 1500 – 1900. It cross-searches several key sources for historians including the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, British Newspapers (1600-1900), the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera and the Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online (1674-1913). It is available from the A-Z list of Online Resources. A full list of all the sources included in Connected Histories is available here: 


A lot of the content of Connected Histories is freely available online, but some of the sources require a subscription. The University Library provides access to the John Johnson Collection, the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and British Newspapers and if you are unable to access the full text from Connected Histories please access these resources via the A-Z list of Online Resources.


A video about using Connected Histories is available here:

2 thoughts to “Connected Histories – British history sources 1500 – 1900”

  1. This is a very useful addition. However, there is currently no subcription to the premium content on British History Online such as some of the official sources available, for example the Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, which is an outstanding resource. Are there any plans to upgrade the subcription level to include access to some of the further available content?

  2. Thank you for your comments, I’m glad that you like the new Connected Histories resource. Much of the content of British History Online is freely available, but we do not have a subscription to this resource. Some of the Calendar of State Papers are available in printed format in the Library, try a title search in the library catalogue. We will note your suggestion and consider a subscription when we next review our electronic resources.

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