Changes to Westlaw legislation

Westlaw has recently started to include legislation that is not yet in force.  If you are reading legislation in Westlaw you should pay close attention to the status information displayed at the top of every legislation part – this will tell you if you are looking at prospective law (i.e., law that is not yet in force). 


Westlaw is still the only consolidated source of Scottish legislation and you should continue to use Westlaw to find current versions of legislation.  To search for current law:

  • log into the portal, go to the A-Z list of Online Resources, and click on Westlaw
  • go to the legislation tab
  • click on advanced search
  • tick the “law in force” box (under “select all versions including”). 

If you want to include prospective law in your search, tick the “prospective law” box.


Lots more information about these changes, including information about the new icons Westlaw uses to show legislation status can be found on the Westlaw What’s New page.


Kirsty Thomson

Subject Librarian