Using Social Bookmarking: Delicious Example

If you have ever lost track of a useful webpage or forgotten how you found that perfect site, a tool that bookmarks your web links might be what you need. 



Delicious is a social bookmarking site, which means you create an account (it is free to register with Delicious) where you can list, share and organise your web links or bookmarks. You can create your own tags and list different sets of links by the tags you give them, so you could list all of your links for Maths separately from your links for Education, for example. Have a look at our Subject Research Guides and you can see we have used Delicious to generate and update our list of links for each subject. There are of course many other social bookmarking sites such as BookmarkTracker and Google Bookmarks which have similar options and functions.


Adding links is very simple. You can download a Delicious button ad-on for your web browser so you can bookmark links with a single mouse-click. Make the lists of links you create relevant and specific to you by adding your own tags and descriptions. And, if you prefer to have a collection of bookmarks that are not public, simply choose the ‘Mark as Private’ option.


To investigate the many other options available go to the Help section on the Delicious site.


Elizabeth Andrews
Subject Librarian

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