Teaching Staff: Why the Library Needs ALL of Your Reading Lists

Tell us what you want your students to read so we can make it available in the Library. We need all of your reading lists not just your TalisList electronic reading lists. Email us your reading lists for Spring Semester 2010 by Friday 22nd January 2010.




We will strive to make the material on all of your lists available in the Library so give us your lists in plenty of time to make sure we can do this. Because History reading lists are generally much larger, we require more time to process them. The deadline for submitting History lists will therefore be two weeks before the deadline for other subjects. There will be advance notice of the earlier deadline.


  • Structuring your lists with subheadings (such as essential reading, background / contextualisation, suggested / further reading) may increase clarity for your students (Note: Reading lists for History modules are a little different and do not need to distinguish between key and supplementary material. We will create a TalisList of the whole reading list)
  • Double-check that the titles and other details you give us are as complete and accurate as possible
  • The Library encourages the use of electronic reading lists, but even if you decide not to use this service, please continue to send us copies of your reading lists so that we can ensure that the material you have selected for assignments, tutorials, exams and all other teaching is available in the Library.


Attach your reading list in an email to: Reading Lists (or rl12@stir.ac.uk) and tell us:

  1. Module (or programme) code
  2. Title for the module
  3. Course coordinator
  4. Semester (or other dates) the course is running
  5. Estimate of student numbers
  6. Whether the course is by distance learning
  7. If you know DOIs for references please include these – they can significantly speed up list creation
  8. Please mark on the list whether you would like references made available in digital format – we will investigate the options/costs and get back to you with details. For example we can obtain digital copies of book chapters or journal articles that are not already available in electronic format.
  9. If you don’t want an electronic reading list created


For more information on reading lists and the electronic reading list service, TalisList, click here or contact Reading Lists.


Elizabeth Andrews

Subject librarian