From your suggestions …

The following are a selection from the suggestion cards that have recently been received at the Stirling campus library. If you have any suggestions or comments you can always comment on this post, email the library ( or fill in a suggestion card.


  • Is it possible to have someone enforce the silence rule in the library?  Groups of 6-8 sit chatting about topics not related to work in voice levels that would be OK in the Atrium but not in a quiet study area.  This will only become worse when the update is done as the carrels are being replaced.


I’m sorry your study has been disturbed in this way.  We do try to keep the upper floors of the Library quiet, and will also do so in the new Library.  The carrels will be going, but we will have clear demarcation of quiet study, less quiet study and group study according to the layout and furniture of the areas.  It is an approach we have seen working well while visiting other new Library buildings during the design phase of the project.


  • Could you please place the machine for putting printing money on your student card next to the printers or copiers?  It’s really annoying to have to stop copying/printing and to have to pack up all your stuff, leave the library, come back in and then copy/print.


The moneyloaders are in the current locations for reasons of security and accessibility.  The library opening hours are normally restricted which has been a major factor in placing one of the moneyloaders in the Atrium.  The Atrium moneyloader is a back up for the Cottrell money loader so needs to be outside the library.  The alternative is to use the online payment system on the Portal which allows students to credit their accounts by debit or credit card with £10 or more.


  • Children should not be allowed in the library.  It is supposed to be a quiet place not a place for children to run about and scream.  It’s not an alternative to daycare.


We don’t exclude children for the Library, but our regulations state that they must remain under supervision at all times, and that all users must conduct themselves in ways which do not disrupt the work of others.  Children running about and screaming clearly is disruptive, and should be reported to library staff.

2 thoughts to “From your suggestions …”

  1. I think it’s a horrible idea to be getting rid of the carrells! Carrell’s offer a quiet, distraction free space to study, but also a perfect place to work using your laptop. The power points and internet connection terminals were essential to my studies last year and their removal will hinder my studies greatly!

  2. Hi Ross,

    During the interim period we will be providing lots of study spaces. Later in the summer a temporary study building will be built in front of the library. This will have individual spaces for quiet study upstairs and a less formal study area downstairs. It will have wifi throughout, so you’ll be able to use your laptop. (There are currently rooms set aside in Cottrell 4W corridor for studying, and these will be available until the temporary building arrives.)

    When the main library building reopens in 2010, it will have a wide range of options for studying, including group study rooms and individual spaces for quiet study work. You can find lots more information about the plans for the new library on the new library website

    Kirsty Thomson

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