Library Catalogue unavailable during mid-semester on 8th and 9th April

**The library catalogue is now back up and running (Friday 10th April).  If you experience any difficulties in renewing items please call Lending Services on 01786 466620 between 9-4 over the bank holiday weekend**.

Original message:

The Library Catalogue, and associated services, will be unavailable during the mid-semester break on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th April 2009.


This is to allow the Library Catalogue computer system to be migrated to a new server. Work will start around 12 noon on Wednesday 8th April, and we hope all services will be available again from Friday morning.


The following services will be unavailable:

  • Access to the Library Catalogue
  • Automated borrowing, returning or renewal of books
  • Access to your “My Library Record”, therefore you will be unable to renew books, view your Reading History, etc.
  • WebBridge links in library databases will not work
  • Links from TalisList Reading Lists to the Library Catalogue will not work


We apologise for the inconvenience; there is no ideal time to carry out this work, we hope that by scheduling it during the mid-semester break this will minimise the disruption caused.


Colin Sinclair

Bibliographic Services Manager

10 thoughts to “Library Catalogue unavailable during mid-semester on 8th and 9th April”

  1. It will not be easy to identify which books are available to take out. But it is essential that the server upgrade takes place, and within the window of time available we scheduled the work for when the Library would be at its quietest. The collection is meanwhile browseable by classmark, and the Information Centre will be happy to offer assistance in tracking down the books you need. Books can still be checked out (via the old paper systems) at the Lending desk and the system will be updated when it comes back up.

  2. I’m in Inverness at the moment, how am I going to renew books so that I don’t incur any fines during my break?

  3. hi Dwynwen, you won’t be able to renew until the system comes back up. The work is progressing well and we are hoping to get the system back this morning. When it is back you will be able to renew via My Library Record as usual. Failing that you could phone Lending Services on 01786 466620 later on today to see if the system is back up. You won’t be fined for any overdue books during this downtime.

  4. HI James, don’t worry you are not being fined as we speak. Nobody will accumulate fines while the system is down. You will have to wait til the system comes back up before you can renew your books. This is not happening as quickly as we had hoped but we’re still hopeful it’ll be back up today. Please try again later. If in doubt you can phone Lending Services on 01786 466620.

  5. It is 7 p.m I still cannot logon to renew my RBR films, will I be penalized for it (my term was 10 a.m today and I live in Edinburgh if that matters at all) thanks for help

  6. Hi Agata
    The system is still down – we have had technical problems in getting it restored. Our technical folk are still working on it. In the meantime there is nothing you can do. You will not be charged fines for any items you have not been able to renew while the system is down. If you are worried about this you can call Lending Services tomorrow on 01786 466620.

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