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By popular demand Microsoft is pleased to announce the return of the Ultimate Steal. Just as a refresher, the Ultimate Steal offers a full copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate Edition to students and staff for £38.95 GBP and it’s finally back


In a nutshell, The Ultimate Steal is:


  • A time-limited offer available to university students with a email address (ends at the end of June next summer)
  • For Office Ultimate 2007, which can cost up to £500 to buy the retail version, as a digital download, with the option to buy a backup on DVD for £9.95
  • Also available to university staff, if they have a email address


Most students arrive on campus with a laptop computer, but don’t always have the right software on it to help them with their studies.  This is an excellent way to get hold of Microsoft software at a bargain price.


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  1. this sounds really good, but do you need to have had it before on your laptop? because my laptop is really new so only has a trial of 2007 office and i was just hoping i wont actually have to buy it somewhere else too?

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Unfortunately when your 60 day trial period is over, you will need to pay for Office 2007 if you want to keep using it on your laptop (you’ll probably be prompted to buy Office online at the end of the trial period).

    You can buy Office anywhere you like but you’ll probably find that this deal is a very good one for the Office Ultimate Edition.

  3. Hello. This may sound really silly but i’m very confused! Is the Ultimate Edition just a 60 day trial or does it last forever? Also, where do you get it from? Sorry if this is a silly question.
    Thanks, Catriona

  4. Hi Catriona
    The Ultimate Steal is not a 60 day trial – it’s a one off purchase of the whole of Microsoft Office including Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. You have to buy it online via their website (link in the original post above). Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to keep for ever 🙂

  5. The problem with software4students is that it is only for people at school, not university, as far as I can see…So there is still no mac discount for higher education students, unless anyone knows different?

  6. Hi Martin
    I think you may be right about software4students 🙁 However, I’ve emailed them to check whether Stirling University students are eligible. Hopefully we’ll be able to register with them to allow our students to use their site. The best deals we could find on other sites are on the Viglen student select site at who are selling it for £54 and the Pugh student site at (also £54). Hope that helps. I’ll make a further posting if software4students becomes open to Stirling university students. Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

  7. Hi Patrick,

    As you are a student at the University you can borrow a copy of SPSS from the lending desk in the library and install this on your own computer.

    The latest version available is SPSS 16. This will work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You can find out if there is a copy available for loan via the library catalogue:

    Kirsty Thomson

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