ATLA, IPSA and Philosopher’s Index now available via OvidSP interface

ATLA, IPSA and the Philosopher’s Index now have a new look. Previously available on the Ovid Silver Platter interface, the content of the databases remains the same, and you can still link to full text online resources via the WebBridge button. Simultaneous searching of two or more databases is also still possible. Access them from the A-Z of online resources.


ATLA: the main database for religious studies. Covers journal articles, essays and book reviews on biblical studies, world religions, church history and religious perspectives on social issues.

IPSA (International Political Science Abstracts): the main database for politics. Contains information from the major journals and yearbooks worldwide in the field of political science, including public law, international law, and international relations.

Philosopher’s Index: the main database for philosophy. Indexes articles in journals and books on aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics and philosophy of various disciplines, e.g. education, history, law, religion, science.


Helen Beardsley
Senior Subject Librarian (Arts)

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