BIOSIS Previews now extended – searching from 1926 onwards now available

As part of the Library’s Strategic Development Fund we have purchased backfiles to the BIOSIS Previews database, which will allow you to search right back to 1926 online rather than using the paper copy.

DNABIOSIS Previews is an index for finding journal articles, and other types of publications; it is the most comprehensive source for biological and biomedical literature. See the BIOSIS guide for more information.

To access BIOSIS Previews, you need to logon to the Portal. Select A – Z list of Online Resources under Academic Links. Choose B for Biosis Previews. Select the Click here to access ISI Web of Knowledge. Then click on the Select a Database tab. Scroll down to select Biosis Previews. Any searches you do will automatically be searched all the way back to 1926. Alternatively you may want to select the latest 5 years only.

The paper copies of Biological Abstracts, 1926 -1984 will now be disposed of and will free up over 30 shelves of space.


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