Historical Newspaper Archives

Newspaper articles can be a great source for an essay or dissertation on a historical topic. The Library offers a number of different online archives, but which archive should you use? Most of the resources below can be accessed from the A-Z list of Online Resources. Archives of single newspapersThe following British newspaper archives are […]

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HS Talks – New Content from World Experts

Presentations and case studies giving ideas and inspiration to inform your dissertation, seminars and other course work. The latest releases include the virtual organization, negotiating, organizational politics, the poverty narrative, sociograms and collaboration, coworking, sustainability and a case study of Aldi. Access HS Talks via A-Z Online Resources from the University Portal. If login requested, […]

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Overlapping cards with the word 'password' printed on them

Password security

Why are passwords important? Having a password is the most basic level of protection you can have for your online accounts, be it your personal social media accounts, your online bank, or the University Portal.  The problem is that everything is online now, and everything needs a password. So it may be tempting to make […]

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