How to login to the University Portal

Welcome to the University of Stirling login help page

To login to University systems you need a username. There are 2 different forms of username:

Short username – you are given your short username during account discovery. Your username takes the format of your initials plus some random numbers e.g. Joe Aloysius Bloggs may have a username jab00003.
Full username – this is used for logging into the Portal and Office 365. This takes the form of:

  • (Applicants, Undergraduate (first degree), Taught Postgraduate student)
  • (Research Postgraduate student, Staff, Externals, External Examiners)

Staff –
Students/Applicants –

If you have forgotten your short username, use the ‘forgotten login’ link here:

Forgotten your username or password?

Click here to access our lost or forgotten login page.

Logging into the Portal – FAQs

If you already have a Microsoft account from another organisation:
> Click ‘Use another account’ to start the Stirling university login process

Do I need an email address to login to the Portal?
> No, you just need your FULL username (see above).